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    One of the best children's audiobooks online.

    For all children age seven to 10.

    This may be shocking but, there are not many books for African American children, by African American authors, much less audiobooks. 

    This audiobook is: 

    • A book most kids have a hard time pausing because it's inspiring, engaging, and, most of all, educational. 
    • A great learning resource for adults and children. 
    • A model of success our youth can feel a sense of pride about, relate to, and hopefully recognize the endless possibilities they can achieve. 

    How I Met... is a series for young and early listeners and readers about African American inventors, civil rights leaders, black activists and the many major contributors, without much fanfare or glory who helped shape the modern world as we know it. 

    Each audiobook highlights our unsung heroes through the interaction between different members of the "Robinson" family. The goal of the series? To put on full display the amazing things African American's have accomplished throughout history. By doing so, our children will make the connection, that anything is possible if you dream big enough.

    In this audiobook, we acknowledge an African American inventor and pioneer who contributed so much to our society. Lewis Howard Latimer, a brilliant engineer, who has an interesting connection to the origin of the light bulb and telephone that many of us have no idea about. This is an important African American story, and it was written with the hope that it will motivate the next generation to find interest and excel in areas like science, technology, engineering, and math.

    ©2019 Ramon Robinson (P)2019 Ramon Robinson

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