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  • Homesteading

  • The Essential Homesteading Guide to Gaining Self-Sufficiency, Growing Your Own Food, and Saving Money with Your Backyard Homestead
  • Geschrieben von: Andy Jacobson
  • Gesprochen von: Dan McDermott
  • Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 54 Min.

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    Grow your own food, save money, gain self-sufficiency, and live larger with frugal living! Lead a more sustainable and healthier life with this back-to-basics guide on homesteading.

    Homesteading is an earth-based lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It's about reconnecting with nature and getting back in touch with your authentic self, all whilst making eco-friendly and economically wise lifestyle choices. Independent and frugal living is the future to living a truly fulfilling life!

    This concise and easy-to-understand homesteading guide will teach you the follow skills:

    • An introduction to homesteading
    • Growing your own food
    • Raising livestock
    • Preserving food for long-term storage
    • Saving energy
    • Generating your own energy
    • Making natural cleaning supplies
    • Making all-natural skin and hair care products
    • And much more!

    ©2016 Andy Jacobson (P)2016 Andy Jacobson

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