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    Home Workout - The Essential Guide to Home Workout  

    This audiobook is a complete home workout guide that will transform your body while saving you time and money. The workouts provided are diverse and can be used with or without equipment. This audiobook will guide you to items in your house that make perfect weights or the perfect barbell for practicingThere are more than 22 different moves that can be used in many different ways. There are complete workout sets combining all the chapters in this book to keep things interesting for you. 

    Follow the suggestions in this audiobook and in just a few weeks you will have gained muscle and trimmed fat from your body. No matter what shape you are in now, even if you work out all the time, the workouts in this book will help you get over any plateaus that you may have experienced, and you can do this without paying for an expensive gym membership.

    Aside from the 22 different techniques and moves provided, this book has more than 25 workout plans for you to choose from or to customize.  You will never find all of this information in one place again. 

    This audiobook includes:

    • Tips for stretching and warming up, mobility, and flexibility
    • Examples of healthy meal plans
    • Popular workouts customized for your home
    • Motivational tips to keep you going
    • Information on equipment made from home objects
    • Strength training and cardio workouts
    • Info on barbell and dumbbell skills
    • An easy and practical guide to adding yoga to a strength training program
    • Practical guide to not giving up, ever
    • Info on what the gym doesn’t want you to know
    • A body weight workout
    ©2018 Ben K. Blanchard (P)2018 Ben K. Blanchard

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