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    The skills, knowledge, and attributes that you need to be successful as the leader of an information technology team are often considerably different from the skills, knowledge, and attributes needed to excel in traditional business leadership roles. In most companies, IT is a critical catalyst for empowering the rest of the functional groups in the business to be successful. Without IT, the company can't complete (in some cases, it can't even function). You'd think, then, that top executives would respect and appreciate successful IT leaders. "Anyone that helps the rest of us keep our livelihood," the thinking ought to go, "is valuable to me." In reality, good IT leaders are often feared, resented, and even reviled by upper management and peers alike. The arcane skills needed to understand complex modern technologies are off-putting to normal folks. The art of getting the very best results out of veteran technologists can seem counterintuitive and bizarre when compared to conventional business best-practices. In this book, Business Technology magazine's American correspondent Keil Hubert takes a sometimes jaded and often snarky look at what it is that makes IT leaders successful in organizations that aren't, in and of themselves, technology-focused. Drawing from three years of print and online columns and 25 years of experience in the IT trenches, Hubert argues why it's important to embrace failure, to put people s growth foremost in your priorities, and to swiftly call shenanigans on improper workplace conduct. This book includes bonus content and extensive notes about the 13 core columns.

    ©2015 Keil Hubert (P)2017 Keil Hubert

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