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Healing Your Emotional Self

A Powerful Program to Help You Raise Your Self-Esteem, Quiet Your Inner Critic, and Overcome Your Shame
Autor: Beverly Engel
Sprecher: Vanessa Hart
Spieldauer: 8 Std. und 51 Min.

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Parents act as a mirror to show a child who she or he is. Throughout childhood there will be other mirrors, but children inevitably return to the reflection in that original mirror in order to determine their goodness, importance, and self-worth. In Healing Your Emotional Self, Beverly Engle offers her highly effective Mirror Therapy program to help you reject the distorted images your parents either intentionally or unintentionally projected onto you. She explores the seven types of emotionally abusive or neglectful parents and the seven most common parental mirrors, providing specific advice and recovery strategies for each one. 

Helping you raise your self-esteem and improve your self-image, this innovative step-by-step program provides you with the skills you need to: 

  • Create a positive self-image separate from your abusive parents' distorted picture 
  • Separate emotionally from your parents and provide for yourself what you missed as a child 
  • Discover who you really are – including your likes, dislikes, values, goals, and dreams – by creating a word self-portrait and using other Mirror Therapy techniques 
  • Overcome your tendency toward self-blame, self-hatred, and self-destructiveness 
  • Learn self-nurturing and set effective limits to help you control your tendency to overeat, drink too much, overspend, and/or overwork 
  • Become the person you are meant to be by being more accepting of yourself 

Learn to love who you see in the mirror with the breakthrough program found in Healing Your Emotional Self

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