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    One Friday night, Emma, Anna, and Mariah, three best friends, are out doing something they shouldn't.

    Then a cell phone rings. One girl's mother wants to know why they aren't where they said they'd be.

    They make up a story so they won't get into trouble at home. It seems like the easy way out. What happens next challenges their friendship, their community, their relationship with their families, and their sense of themselves. What happens next shows the harm one lie can do.

    Told in the voices of the three girls, who must learn to live with the lies they tell, Harmless is a gripping and provocative novel full of startling turns and surprises.

    ©2007 Dana Reinhardt (P)2007 Random House, Inc. Listening Library, an imprint of the Random House Audio Publishing Group


    "Reinhardt's thought-provoking story avoids preachiness in part because of the girls' strong, complex characterizations....Reinhardt offers a well-constructed object lesson in responsibility that will set teens thinking." (Booklist)
    "Unpredictability and suspense will keep readers turning the pages and questioning their own sensibilities. They will appreciate how well the characters are developed, and how seemingly simple lies can have far-reaching and devastating consequences." (School Library Journal)

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