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    The Online Stage presents Shakespeare’s most famous and most quoted play, a revenge drama which explores the inevitable conflict between conscience and justice, between morality and obligation. The tragedy arises, not from an obvious weakness in the character of Hamlet, but rather from his inability to deal with an apparently insoluble moral dilemma.

    The role of Hamlet is the longest (1,569 lines) and, according to many, the most demanding in the Shakespearean canon.


    The Ghost, First Player, Player, Captain, Sailor, Ambassador - Ron Altman
    Hamlet - Ben Lindsey-Clark
    Queen Gertrude - Michele Eaton
    King Claudius - Alan Weyman
    Ophelia - Libby Stephenson
    Laertes, Lucianus - Andy Harrington
    Polonius, Gravedigger - Peter Tucker
    Barnardo, Reynaldo, Prologue, Lord - Andrew Coleman
    Horatio - Ed Humpal
    Francisco, Voltemand, Player King, Messenger - Daniel Vimont
    Cornelius, Player Queen, Osric - Joseph Tabler
    Rosencrantz – K.G. Cross
    Guildenstern, Doctor - Marty Kris
    Marcellus, Gentleman, Fortinbras - Brett Downey

    Stage directions read by Denis Daly. Audio editing by Denis Daly. The script for this recording was kindly provided by

    Public Domain (P)2017 The Online Stage

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