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    The world of hacking has changed so much in recent years. New attacks are being made, and learning how to protect your system can be more difficult than ever before. This guidebook has all the information that you need to learn about some of the most common attacks that are going on in the world today, as well as some of the things that you can do to protect yourself.

    Inside this guidebook, you will learn everything that you need to start your journey with hacking. 

    Some of the great topics that we will discuss include:

    • The basics of hacking
    • The programming languages
    • Basic attacks to get started
    • The difference between adware, spyware, and malware
    • Man-in-the-middle attacks
    • ARP poisoning
    • How to successfully complete a wireless attack
    • Xmas-tree attacks
    • SQL injections
    • Backdoor and trojan attacks
    • Password cracking

    There is just so much to explore when it comes to the world of hacking, and things are changing each day. When you are ready to learn some of the basics of hacking, or you would like to learn how to protect your own system, check out this guidebook to help you get started!

    Get this audiobook to update your knowledge on hacking.

    ©2017 Robert Keane (P)2017 Robert Keane

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