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HRH Kidnap

Spoken from the Front (Unabridged)
Autor: Andy McNab
Sprecher: Stephen Moyer
Spieldauer: 18 Min.

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Jacko is just beginning to find his feet as the SAS 'New Boy', when once again, his Troop are crashed out of Baghdad's Green Zone. This time, they are on a fast ball: a British hostage has just been located by the Americans.

Unfortunately, the hostage is being held captive in Sadr City, a known Iraqi stronghold and just about the most dangerous location in the whole of Iraq. Jacko and the rest of the assault team must get there before it is too late.

The insurgents are planning to cut off the hostage's head during a live online broadcast and this is one operation that cannot fail. The hostage wasn't a reporter, or aid worker, he was otherwise known as HRH.

The second story in the Spoken From the Front series is another explosive adventure, packed with authentic detail from McNab's SAS expertise.

©2007 Spoken Entertainment Ltd. All rights reserved. (P)2007 Spoken Entertainment Ltd. All rights reserved.

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