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    A murder committed in front of a million online viewers.

    Everyone clicked. Watched. Commented. Shared.

    No one intervened.

    Desperate for fame and fortune, there’s never been a get-rich-quick scheme housewife Juliet Clay hasn’t chased. When she finally goes viral selling diet shakes, she figures all her dreams have come true. But when her husband ends up dead from poison, Juliet’s dreams become a nightmare and she’s the prime murder suspect.

    A sucker for lost causes, Defense Attorney Cass Leary takes the case to pay forward a favor she owes. Though Cass soon learns this case is more hopeless than most. Juliet made more enemies than friends in town and publicly threatened to kill her husband. Twice. The physical evidence draws a direct line to Juliet as well.

    All of Cass’ instincts tell her Juliet might be innocent. The woman is way too smart to act that guilty. Cass becomes convinced the police haven’t dug deep enough. But that alone won’t carry the day in court.

    Now it’s up to Cass to expose the truth and stand up to a killer. Even if it’s her next client....

    Guilty Acts is the jaw-dropping ninth book in the Cass Leary legal thriller series.

    ©2021 Robin James Books (P)2022 Robin James Books

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