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Gravity's Truth

Ouroboros Cycle, Book 3
Autor: AK Alliss
Sprecher: Curt Bonnem
Serie: Ouroboros Cycle Series, Titel 3, Ouroboros Cycle, Titel 3
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 37 Min.

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A perfect world, at any price.

Miller Frank’s Utopian ideal is not such a good thing for Jimmy Renfro. Charged with fraud, he now works the tube, an atmosphere breaking conduit for the wealthy to travel to the Ouroboros space station, Imago. Within the mysterious station, their personalities are uploaded to robotic shells known as Zeroes.

When Jimmy comes into possession of a briefcase full of data tabs containing the profiles of several influential personalities, it begins a deadly game that may result in his end. Pursued by government and corporate assassins, with not just his own life at stake, but that of humanity, can Jimmy discover the truth about the tabs before he is caught?

Gravity’s Truth is a fast-paced Cyberpunk thriller and a standalone novel set in the world of The Ouroboros Cycle.

Be sure to listen to other books in the Ouroboros Cycle, Frame and Future's Orphans.

©2017 Ouroboros Print (P)2019 Spectrum Audiobooks

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