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    The Amazon top 100 best-selling action-adventure series continues!

    Golden One: An Omega Files Adventure

    An encrypted laptop left behind by a crypto-currency CEO killed in a hang-gliding accident.

    His estate is auctioned off, inlcuding rare pre-columbian artifacts that point Carter Hunt and Omega Team toward the legendary lost city of El Dorado.

    London, England, October 29, 1618

    Notorious explorer Sir Walter Raleigh is on the chopping block for treason. In return for a quick and painless execution, he gives up a secret map that he insists leads to a New World treasure beyond compare.

    New York City, Present Day

    After winning an artifact at auction that he believes holds a clue to the whereabouts of El Dorado, former Naval Historian Carter Hunt soon learns that his Omega Team isn’t the only organization searching for physical manifestations of the golden legend.

    Omega Team escapes the city to the high-altitude rain forests of South America in pursuit of a lost legend, and to combat those who are bound and determined to control the most awe-inspiring cache of precious metal on the planet.

    The Omega Files novels can be listened to in any order, but for those who wish to listen sequentially, audioook one is Atlantis Gold, audiobook two is Ark Found, and audiobook three is Golden One.

    ©2020 Rick Chesler (P)2021 Rick Chesler


    "The perfect combination of great research and impossible to put down writing." (Jeremy Robinson, international best-selling author of Apocalypse Machine and Project Nemesis)

    "Great scientific concepts that are based in reality." (

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