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    None return from beneath the Storm! 

    Ary and Chaylene have fallen beneath the Storm. Plunged into a world of eternal darkness and rain, they have to survive. Hunted by the Stormridres, what hope does Ary have to end the Storm now? 

    To lead him to the light, Chaylene must pay the ultimate price! 

    Above the Storm, the Golden Daughter hatches. The embodiment of the Dark Goddess shines with bright light. Deceiving all, even the grieving Zori, the Golden Daughter spreads her message of faith and zeal. 

    All shall burn in her cleansing fires! 

    With the fall of Ary and Chaylene, Estan and Esty are lost. How can they stand against the golden darkness descending upon the skies? 

    Will Estan have the courage to stand against the Dark Goddess? 

    When evil comes wrapped in good, what chance does the world have?

    You have to listen this epic and powerful fantasy novel to find out!

    ©2019 J.M.D. Reid (P)2021 J.M.D. Reid

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