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God in Every Season

Sprecher: Elizabeth Enlow
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 45 Min.

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The cycles or seasons of life that we go through aren't simply an organizational system put into place by a distant God to help us earthlings keep track of time. The seasons you personally go through, and the one you're currently in, are the very backdrop on the stage of the greatest love story of all: yours. The various seasons of your soul are your assurance that not only is your journey with God real, but your story isn't over yet. 

God himself escorts you through the changing seasons, makes sure you don't get stuck, and gets the last word on everything that concerns you because he cares about you. Seasons are an expression of his intimate intentionality to keep you moving forward, progressing, and growing in the knowledge of him and his true heart for you, beyond the unpredictable challenges and victories that arise. 

God in Every Season will help you understand which season you're currently in and how to navigate through it with no regrets. Elizabeth has included a short assessment you can take that reveals the current season of your soul. Through the wisdom and insight she's learned to walk in, as well as her transparent, raw, and honest way of communicating, you'll experience an unforgettable encounter with God in this audiobook.

©2017 Elizabeth Enlow (P)2018 Elizabeth Enlow

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