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Ghostly Ordeal

A Harper Harlow Mystery, Book 12
Sprecher: Angel Clark
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 57 Min.
Kategorien: Krimis & Thriller, Krimis

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Harper Harlow has everything she wants.

She has a new house...a new fiancé...and some time off work because the stretch after the holidays is generally slow. All that changes when she gets a call from her mother during a storm.

Gloria Harlow has a lot of attitude and it’s on full display when Harper and her betrothed, Detective Jared Monroe, show up on the scene of a murder. Gloria’s boyfriend is dead...and the story she’s telling doesn’t exactly fit the scene.

Jared finds himself in a conundrum. He loves Harper more than life itself but her mother is a legitimate suspect...and he can’t ignore his duties and cover for a woman he’s never very much liked. His life is thrown into turmoil when Gloria decides to move in - she’s too traumatized to stay by herself, after all - and he and Harper start working on the case from different angles.

When you add in Harper’s salty best friend Zander, who is enjoying the show far too much, and her father, things start spiraling quickly.

Harper is determined to clear her mother - and get her out of the house before Jared explodes - and she wants to do it in record time. Unfortunately for her, the dead guy was known as a world-class jerk and the list of suspects is long and sundry.

The two sides are going to have to come together to solve this one...and even then, the final answer might tear their entire world apart.

©2019 Lily Harper Hart (P)2019 Lily Harper Hart

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