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Forex: The Ultimate Guide to Make Money With Trading Forex

Autor: Jay M. Brown
Sprecher: Jessie Gross
Spieldauer: 12 Min.

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Does the idea of making an extra income appeal to you? 

Do you have some spare cash that you want to invest? 

Have you considered trying forex trading?  

Making an additional income is something that most people wouldn’t pass up if given the chance. Finding something that works for you, while also keeping the risks to a minimum, is harder than it seems. But trading in foreign exchanges could be something that can suit many. 

From this audiobook, Forex: The Ultimate Guide to Make Money With Trading Forex, you will find tips and advice to get started with Fforex trading, including chapters on:

  • Forex/currency basics
  • Markets the forex taps into
  • Exchange rate regime and exchange rate flexibility
  • Fixed exchange rate measured against floating exchange rate
  • Who are the participants in the market
  • How economic, political and market psychology dictates forex temperament 

Whether you have a few hundred dollars to invest or several thousand, you could make a significant profit when you know what you are doing on the Forex markets and Forex: The Ultimate Guide to Make Money With Trading Forex is the book that will help you do just that. 

Get a copy now and start trading your way to a wealthier future!

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