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    Who knew what evil lurked in the hearts of men who fish and never cut bait as they spear their prey in their quest for power, money - and sometimes, fish?

    Commissioner Jerry Largent undergoes a massive change of attitude as events beyond his control propel him into taking a drastic change: to fake his own death!

    Here is a sample:

    The August full moon lit up the mouth of Indian Creek in front of the bedroom window in the Largent home that faced upriver toward the small town of Benedict in neighboring Charles County. The moonlight that beamed through the window illuminated Carla's olive-colored face as she slept. It was two a.m. Jerry had retired to their bedroom, but he did not go to bed. He sat in the dressing chair and quietly focused on the smile reflected from Carla's lovely Latin lips as she lay dreaming.

    ©2011 Lawrence D. Jarboe (P)2015 Lawrence D. Jarboe

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