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    Erotica for the Soul, Vol. One

    In this exciting new book by RawrWoman, we bring you some of those favorite short stories that fall into the top erotic fantasies that the contemporary woman has.

    Focusing on the sophisticated nature of the female psyche, and the desire for a multi-layered, stimulating experience, RawrWoman creates content that will entice, fascinate, and above all, provide pleasure to the woman who indulges in all we have to offer.

    The stories created are meant to create a fantasy escapade for the listener, you can fully immerse yourself without ever having to leave the privacy of your own home, or mind.

    Fifteen fabulous stories, all handpicked on our website. They just happen to be created by all female authors, and that brings you to the core of what women desire most in their sexual fantasies.

    Let your imagination take you away as our stories captivate each and every one of your senses.

    Included are three personalized erotic love letters, and a "how-to guide" for you to use with your partner (male and female). Just record it with your own voice, and get the full immersion experience with your lover.

    ©2016 Peter Hansen (P)2016 RawrWoman, Inc

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