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  • Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

  • Learn the Ability to Manage Feeling and Emotions, Negative Thoughts, Increase Self Awareness, Self Esteem, How to Motivate Yourself and Be a Leader in Life.
  • Geschrieben von: John Rich
  • Gesprochen von: Emad Schannat
  • Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 2 Min.
  • Kategorien: Wirtschaft & Karriere, Management & Leadership

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    What do great leaders have that other leaders don’t? Emotional intelligence. 

    What is it going to take for you to become a truly great leader? Emotional intelligence.

    What is the answer you have been looking for that will support you in earning loyalty and trust of your followers, while also being able to impact greater change and reach your goals as a leader? Emotional intelligence.

    Many people are wildly unaware of what emotional intelligence is and how it supports them in all areas of life, including in their leadership. Emotional intelligence is ultimately your ability to navigate emotions in a healthy, mature manner that supports you with using them in an effective and polite manner, rather than emotionally exploding on people when things get out of control.

    As a leader, knowing how to manage your emotions means that you can navigate stressful and overwhelming situations without stressing and overwhelming your followers. This not only prevents unwanted conflict, but it also helps you earn their trust, loyalty, and willingness to support you and other team members in achieving the success of your mutual goal.

    Learning how to become more emotionally intelligent yourself will also support you in teaching your employees to become more emotionally intelligent. As a result, they will model these important behaviors, too, which will ultimately help your entire team work together more productively. It will also lead to greater success within your team.

    If you are ready to begin reaping these types of rewards in your leadership style, it is time for you to get Emotional Intelligence for Leadership by John Rich. By listening to this book, you will discover just what emotional intelligence is and how you can use it to help you become a great leader, too.

    Some of what you will learn in Emotional Intelligence for Leadership includes:

    • What defines a great leader and how great leaders become great
    • What emotional intelligence is, how it works, and how to become emotionally intelligent
    • Why great leaders and emotional intelligence go together like bread and butter
    • How emotional intelligence is going to transform your leadership style 
    • What are the four pillars of emotional intelligence and how to enforce them in your life
    • How emotional intelligence will transform your relationships with your team 
    • What you can do to modify emotional intelligence to serve your unique leadership values
    • How you can use emotional intelligence to improve your work-life balance
    • And more!

    Emotional intelligence truly can provide you with so much knowledge around how to become the greatest leader, and person, that you can become!

    ©2019 John Rich (P)2020 John Rich

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