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Emotional Intelligence

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Developing Control Over Your Emotions
Autor: Mark Thomas
Sprecher: Steve White
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Discover how to develop control over your emotions, build self confidence, grow great relationships, and find long lasting success!

EQ - this is the common abbreviation for "emotional intelligence". EQ is a personal skill, and not to be confused with IQ or your so-called intelligence quotient. EQ is "measured" in a much different way, as we will see in this book. Although a case can be made that both IQ and EQ are subjective, most of us agree that IQ ends up as a number about someone's intelligence, whereas EQ ends up as an overall feeling and connection we have with an individual. As EQ becomes better appreciated, large corporations are looking more frequently and openly for high EQ individuals, whatever their IQ! That is because people with strong EQs perform better - in terms of pure efficiency and effectiveness, and in human interactive terms. So what is this thing we call EQ? To some degree, we all have EQ - some of us naturally have more than others. Any individual can consciously develop more of it. How we see the world, react to it, and behave in it with other people is emotion-based. In a nutshell, "having a high EQ" or "a good EQ" means that you are someone who understands what makes a human being tick, from an emotional and reactive standpoint. You are an individual who understands that we all see the world through eyeglasses clouded by feelings and emotions. You are able and willing, as a high EQ person, to adapt your own feelings and reactions to harmonize with those of others, or to position the situation for a better outcome for everyone involved. Whew! Sounds complicated. But again, rest assured that we all have some degree of EQ - we are born with it! We are all natural observers; we can all position ourselves to create better outcomes in situations that might otherwise go sour.

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