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    He’s on one side of the fight to preserve Cape Corral. She’s on the other.

    Abigail Ferguson wakes up in a strange place with bruises on her face and her hands bound. Someone is trying to teach her family a painful lesson and using Abigail as a pawn. When she’s able to call for help, only one person comes to mind - law enforcement officer Grant Matthews.

    Grant has been crazy about Abigail since they met. But her wealthy family is a longstanding enemy of locals, and dating her would feel like a betrayal to the community he serves. However, when Abigail is abducted and needs his help, nothing will stop him from rescuing and protecting her. 

    As Abigail’s captor makes it clear he has more dastardly deeds planned, Grant and Abigail work together to try to find answers. But their growing feelings - and the obstacles between them - might put Abigail in even more danger. 

    Can the two figure out this man’s identity before it’s too late? Or, will the clever madman taunting Abigail stop at nothing to achieve what he wants?

    Each book in this series is a stand-alone.

    ©2020 Christy Barritt (P)2021 Christy Barritt

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