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    Revenge is never as sweet as the ability to find peace.

    The honorable Olivia Beaumont, eldest daughter of Viscount Hereford, wants revenge. Following an ill-advised game of faro with a powerful duke, her father lost everything and then suffered a fatal heart attack.

    Now, she wants that duke to pay and suffer as much as her father did. But the only way she can do that is to enlist the help of the most shunned man in the ton: the disgraced duke of Skeffington. It matters not that he’s sinfully handsome, for she has a job to do.

    Lewis Arthur Sexton is a man beaten down. Stripped of everything following a manufactured scandal against the regent, he now wishes to drown himself at the bottom of a bottle. But when Miss Beaumont pays him a visit with the insane idea of humiliating the man responsible for her pain and his, he might just return to society to honor the request. If he ignores her bewitching attitude and alluring looks, he’ll be fine.

    As the scheme is put into play, friendship grows between them. Their fight for revenge is also one for regaining honor in the glittering world of the ton. Yet the moment their relationship transitions into romance, their best-laid plans begin to unravel. When lives are put into jeopardy, they’ll have to decide what they truly want, and if fortune is kind, it might prove to be a happily ever after.

    ©2020 Sandra Sookoo (P)2020 Sandra Sookoo

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