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Don't Manage...Coach!

Sprecher: Robert Feifar
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Don't Manage...Coach! presents a simple and logical theory on how to better lead the workforce of today. Rather than treat your greatest assets as a fixed (and fixable) resource, treat them as valued players on your organizational team. What better way to build a strong, successful team than to do what thousands of sports coaches do every day. The authors provide clear insights on how the listener can change attitudes and behaviors - allowing the team to flourish. It's all about the team. It's all about helping each and every member of that team become ridiculously successful. It's all about learning to coach rather than manage. You can be a better manager! And it doesn't take extraordinary effort. All it takes is a change in perspective - a new way to look at your role.

©2015 Martin Klubeck and Michael Langthorne (P)2017 Martin Klubeck and Michael Langthorne

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