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    Twelve stories of excitement and adventure in distant times and places! This first volume of readings features:

    The Curse of Peladon, read by Jon Pertwee
    On a primitive planet, the Doctor and Jo encounter a delegation of aliens, including the Ice Warriors.

    Kinda, read by Peter Davison
    A serpent at the heart of paradise poses danger for the TARDIS crew and a human survey team.

    Attack of the Cybermen, read by Colin Baker
    The Cybermen are intent on a plan to change crashing Halley's Comet into Earth.

    Out of the Darkness, read by Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant
    Three gripping original short stories featuring the sixth Doctor and Peri.

    Short Trips, read by Nicholas Courtney and Sophie Aldred
    Six short stories featuring familiar Doctor Who characters in intriguing and original situations.

    ©2004 BBC Audiobooks Ltd (P)2004 BBC Audiobooks Ltd
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