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    The hero the universe needed and her friends

    People who embrace justice as much as she does. Her people. One team, holding villainy at bay, even if they are demons from the past come back to haunt them all.

    A Queen. Two colonels. A contract that's too easy. A vacation gone awry. Enemies and allies.

    Terry and Char find themselves trapped.

    Here comes Bethany Anne. Here comes the Bad Company.

    Although this is book 6 in the Bad Company series, it can stand alone. You don’t need to listen to the previous Bad Company novels to enjoy this book. Join BA and TH in an all-new Kurtherian Gambit adventure.

    Please note: If cursing is a problem, then this might not be for you.

    ©2019 Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle (P)2019 Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle

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