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    Discover the lives of people who are trapped by demanding and possessive religious leaders. Is there hope for them?

    In a world where everlasting life is guaranteed if you obey the laws of God's People, there are dark secrets. Three siblings uncover disturbing truths about their faith and use what they know to bring down an empire of false religion. To save their people from destruction, Petra, Felix, and Elliot must question everything and risk their lives to fight for truth and justice. They unlock profound mysteries in the face of persecution and free themselves from an evil cult. 

    “Evil is disguised as light. Do not become ensnared by mysterious teachings of secret societies. If the light gets brighter, find the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (Dark Rose)

    Taken from various real-life accounts and current events, learn how cults operate and spot the red flags by using critical thinking strategies.

    The main character who tells most of the story is a 15-year-old girl who is quite mature for her age. 

    The name Zarya rhymes with Mariah. The name Comeau sounds like Como, but the accent is on the "mo" part. 

    Breaux sounds like Bro.

    ©July 29 2019 Francesca Leah Bonifacio (P)2020 Francesca Leah Bonifacio

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