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Devil's Homecoming

The Blackout Series, Book 6
Autor: Bobby Akart
Sprecher: John David Farrell
Serie: Blackout, Titel 6
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 39 Min.

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Build. Destroy. Rebuild.

The dawn of human existence has proven we are warlike creatures.

Civilizations are built, then they're destroyed.

After destruction, will you have the tenacity to overcome obstacles and rebuild?

Your fellow man may be the biggest hurdle because hell is empty and the devils are all here.

This fast-paced post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction series from author Bobby Akart (The Boston Brahmin series and the Prepping for Tomorrow series), has been hailed as a masterpiece of EMP survival fiction. Prepare to learn, as well as be entertained, as The Blackout Series continues with Devil's Homecoming.

In the final installment of The Blackout Series, Devil's Homecoming, an unexpected turn of events deals the rebuilding effort a near deadly blow as the United States Government, in the form of a FEMA occupying force, descends upon Savannah. The FEMA battalion's leader is hell-bent on revenge and he is proof that in a post-apocalyptic world, hell is empty and all the devils are here.

Note: This audiobook does not contain strong language. It is intended to entertain and inform audiences of all ages, including teen and young adults. Although some scenes depict the realistic threat our nation faces from a devastating solar flare, and the societal collapse which will result in the aftermath, it does not contain graphic scenes typical of other audiobooks in the post-apocalyptic genre.

Books in The Blackout Series:

  • Book One: 36 Hours
  • Book Two: Zero Hour
  • Book Three: Turning Point
  • Book Four: Shiloh Ranch
  • Book Five: Hornet's Nest
  • Book Six: Devil's Homecoming

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