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    Sometimes people turn to minimalism when they are drowning in possessions. But what about mental clutter?

    If, despite your best efforts, the tasks that make up your daily routine now seem beyond your grasp and you feel as though you are constantly thinking through a mental fog, you may need to deal with the stray mental clutter that is drawing away your brain’s spare processing power. Luckily, this book has all the tools you need to not only deal with this fuzzy-headed menace but to ensure that you put it to rest once and for all.

    Much like how a pair of old shoes here, and an Amazon shipping box there, can eventually turn a closet into a wasteland, mental detritus such as bad habits, incorrect attitudes, emotional baggage, unresolved grudges, and the like can lead to mental clutter. If left unresolved, mental clutter can lead to the types of negative personal patterns that make things like undue struggle, extreme stress, suffering, and personal sabotage common occurrences. Simply put, mental clutter can be thought of as the stuff that sets you at odds with the world around you. But in reality, you need to confront yourself and not the world.

    What you need is to be mindful of mental clutter and not more sleep or more caffeine. And you need to declutter.

    Listen and you will discover surefire signs of how mental clutter can be affecting your mental performance; tips for taking back your thoughts using positive self-talk; and numerous other techniques to combat mental clutter such as mindfulness, meditation, minimalism, and various therapy options.

    ©2018 Addison Fenn (P)2018 Addison Fenn

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