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Deadly Messengers

Autor: Susan May
Sprecher: Anne Johnstonbrown
Spieldauer: 9 Std. und 55 Min.

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Nobody's listening. So, he'll just keep killing. 

The terror begins in a suburban café with seven people brutally murdered by an axe-wielding maniac. The killer is left dead at the scene and that should have been the end of a rare tragedy. 

But within days, in the very same city, more mass killings occur. 

Ten eldercare facility residents die in an arson-lit blaze. Then a mother attending a family gathering embarks on a terrifying gun rampage. All the killers are now dead, leaving behind unanswerable questions. 

Investigating detective O'Grady can find only one bizarre connection, but it makes no sense. After extensive checking, he realizes none of the killers has a murderer's profile and nothing even close to a motive. Ordinary citizens with no history of violence have suddenly transformed into ruthless monsters. 

Kendall Jennings, a freelance article writer of all things banal, somehow stumbles into an interview with a survivor of the first slaughter. This is her big break, but more a way to pay those endless mounting bills. Big problem though: she’s well out of her depth. 

When Kendall crosses O'Grady's path sparks fly, but not the romantic kind. He can’t work out why this journalist infuriates him so much. She figures he either has some serious personal demons or he’s just plain arrogant and rude. 

The two will need to put aside their issues though because they’ll soon discover these killings are more than random events. They’re part of a plan far greater than anyone can imagine. Someone is sending a deadly message, and if nobody can decipher the meaning soon many more will die. 

Narrated by Anne Johnston Brown, winner of the 2012 Audible Female Voice Award. 

©2015 Susan May (P)2016 Susan May

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