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Day Trading 2019 for Beginners

Learn Why Day Trading Is Better than Options Trading, Forex & Stock Market. Use the Best Strategies & Ideas to Create Your Passive Income Online
Autor: Jim Robbins
Sprecher: Lee Goetll
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 1 Min.

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If you're looking for an investment gig that will take out the nine-to-five monotony and let you to earn a decent income, opt for day trading. Many naysayers will discourage you from doing it, citing that day trading is too risky. But if this were the case, financial institutions would not be hiring day traders to conduct trades for them. Individuals would not quit their jobs to day trade. Think about it.

In my opinion, this is only a wildly exaggerated rumor. Sure, the day trading business is risky, and many traders could lose their money, but what business venture isn’t? People invest in traditional ventures like setting up a manufacturing unit, but without capturing the market right, everything will tumble down, and so it is with day trading. 

You only need the right edge toward investing wisely, and voila! Companies will be looking to you for loans. You will finally have found your way to financial freedom, and you can begin to live out all those dreams you set aside in your quest to earn more money.

Listen to this audiobook before you go into forex, options, futures, and stocks. Inside the audiobook, you will find these chapters:

  • Explaining Day Trading 
  • Finding Stocks to Trade 
  • Getting Your Feet Wet
  • Psychology of Trading 
  • Building a Strong Foundation for Day Trading 
  • How to Be Consistently Profitable
  • 2019 Day Trading Strategies
  • The Don’ts of Day Trading 
  • Best Investment Apps for Day Trading in 2019
  • Avoid Blowing Your Day Trading Account 
  • Updated Information on SEC Rules and Regulations

Make money work for you, starting today. Get this audiobook now!

©2019 Jim Robbins (P)2019 Jim Robbins

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