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    Meet The Runner. In a past life, it was laps around a track and long, leisurely jogs through the neighborhood. At Geneva Grace College, she runs to escape the truth.

    A former star and high school standout, first-year student, Kennedy, is quickly humbled by her new surroundings. Classes, team politics, and even simple friendships are difficult to pace, let alone master. Initially, she grins and bears it, mostly because that is what the ultraconservative college leadership encourages. “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Besides, new obstacles give Kennedy something to focus on other than the cute girls sitting in her lectures, sporting spandex at practice, and moving in right next door.

    Along the way are Kennedy’s friends, the six other Pleiades. To challenge her is the sagely roommate: Laurel. To tempt her, the devious playmate: Becca. And, in a parallel quest of self-discovery, the injured soulmate: Torry. These women will grow, adapt, live, and love on a campus that rewards conformity - in a time that doesn’t realize revolution is just around the corner.

    ©2017 Tyler Art (P)2017 Tyler Art

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