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    If you want to understand how to dominate dark psychology techniques, then keep reading.

    Have you ever felt as if someone was dictating the way you lived, how you behaved, the way you thought of things that were different than before you met them yet you don’t know exactly why that was happening?

    Has your self-worth diminished and you’ve been confused as to why someone treats you nicely one minute and dismisses you in the next?

    Or do you know someone who is so self-centered always demanding their way regardless of who they hurt? They ignore everyone else’s discomfort, lack compassion, and empathy, and embarrass others and show no remorse? Then, this audiobook is a must-rlisten for you!

    Dark psychology is the study of the human condition and its connection to the psychological nature of people who target other people and prey on them for control. It is the manipulation of another person’s thoughts and behavior; an art and science of mind manipulation and control.

    There are forms of techniques and mental tricks used apart from physical force to control a target, although in some cases physical force may be used in conjunction with dark techniques in a psychological attack.

    What causes anyone to use dark psychology? Corporations use it via their advertising campaigns. You are watching TV, and an ad comes on for a fast-food chicken commercial. Succulent chicken and tasty sides flash across the screen.

    Your hunger is aroused, you’ve eaten this food before, so why not pop into the car and drive to your local chicken fast food joint? You’ve just been manipulated to buy an advertiser’s product. This is one form of dark psychology.

    There are many different types of techniques used in dark psychology: Covert emotional manipulation, persuasion, brainwashing, and hypnosis are some of the techniques used in dark psychology.

    There is so much information in this audiobook for you to discover dark psychology and how it is used.

    Some of the highlights are:

    • Who uses dark psychology? Listen about how advertisers, political figures, and many others use dark psychology to their benefit
    • Learn about the different types of manipulation, who uses them and what they want to derive from using the dark psychology techniques
    • Listen how the narcissistic personality, one of the personalities in the Dark Triad feel they are superior to everyone else and the real underlying reasons they feel the way they do and why they treat others poorly
    • What is covert emotional manipulation (CEM) and the different types of manipulation that are employed by those who use the CEM techniques
    • What are charisma and seduction and their differences
    • Learn about vampire energy. Who has it and how they use it

    Even if you are a beginner and you think that these are complex and advanced psychological techniques and that you are not the right person to use them, listening to this guide you will find that they are tricks that you have been trying to use all your life, albeit with little effectiveness and without realizing it.

    Get this audiobook now!

    ©2019 Joe Silva (P)2019 Joe Silva

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