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    On January 17, 1781, at Cowpens, South Carolina, the notorious British cavalry officer Banastre Tarleton and his legion had been destroyed along with the cream of Lord Cornwallis’s troops. The man who planned and executed this stunning American victory was Daniel Morgan. Once a barely literate backcountry laborer, Morgan now stood at the pinnacle of American martial success. When George Washington called for troops to join him at the siege of Boston in 1775, Morgan organized a select group of riflemen and headed north. From that moment on, Morgan’s presence made an immediate impact on the battlefield and on his superiors. Washington soon recognized Morgan’s leadership and tactical abilities. When Morgan’s troops blocked the British retreat at Saratoga in 1777, ensuring an American victory, he received accolades from across the colonies. 

    In Daniel Morgan: A Revolutionary Life, the first biogra­phy of this iconic figure in 40 years, historian Albert Louis Zambone presents Morgan as the quintessential American everyman, who rose through his own dogged determination from poverty and obscurity to become one of the great battlefield commanders in American history. Using social history and other advances in the discipline that had not been available to earlier biographers, the author provides an engrossing portrait of this storied per­sonality of America’s founding era - a common man in uncommon times. 

    The book is published by Westholme Publishing. The audiobook is published by University Press Audiobooks. 

    “Quite an enjoyable read!” (Edward G. Lengel, author of General George Washington: A Military Life)

    “A tour-de-force. A wonderful book.” (Mark Edward Lender, coauthor of Fatal Sunday)

    "Evocative and engaging book...crisply written and not to be missed by readers interested in the origins of the American Republic." (Lorri Glover, Saint Louis University)

    ©2018 Albert Louis Zambone (P)2019 Redwood Audiobooks

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