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    If you access the web from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, this audiobook will add to your knowledge about social network risks, online trust and privacy, content oversharing, and smartphone addiction. Written in plain English (not geek-speak), Cyber Crisis also offers easy-to-follow steps you can take to improve your personal cyber security. You will learn at least one new thing you can do that will lower your risk of being hacked or harmed online.

    When online, you, your friends, children, parents, co-workers, and social acquaintances are always just one click away from a stalker, predator, thief, troll, catfish, or another social media sewer dweller. Listening to Cyber Crisis represents a warning shot for those of you predisposed to trust your fellow man in the real world and, without thinking, carry that bias into cyberspace. After listening to Cyber Crisis, my hope is that you will be motivated you to accept a higher level of personal responsibility for your digital well-being.

    ©2016 William Keiper (P)2017 William Keiper

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