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    You are about to discover how to effectively repair your credit and get out of debt forever. Millions of people struggle every day with their personal finances, but you do not have to. Getting buried in debt and having a poor credit score was probably one of the most dreadful memories in my life. This book contains step-by-step proven strategies on how to fix your credit score and how to stay out of debt forever.

    The truth is, most people lack financial intelligence. This book will give you the fundamental knowledge on how to keep your finances under control. Now is the time to make that positive change you have always wanted in your life. Having excellent credit and becoming debt-free is the foundation to the good life.

    Here's a preview of what you'll learn:

    • How get a perfect credit score
    • How to get out of debt
    • How to stay out of debt
    • How to create a budget
    • The five things that determine your credit score
    • How to remove late payments
    • How to create a plan
    • How to deal with credit card debt
    • And much more!

    ©2015 Gustavo Lopez (P)2015 Gustavo Lopez

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