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Countrycide: Stories

Autor: L. A. Fields
Sprecher: Anthony Charles
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 58 Min.

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Pack light, nothing heavier than a backpack, before you open the pages of L.A. Fields's collection of stories. A never-ending journey awaits you along a Mobius strip that runs the circulatory system from flushed head to rapid heart, along asphalt lanes stinking of gasoline fumes and vulcanized rubber. Join Fields's feral boys, captivating Peter Pans in flight from detestable home life, school life, everyday life. Along the way, you'll pick up passengers, hitchhikers runaways plotting wicked larks, stay-at-homes longing for a nudge, grownups ready to be bent to a boy's whims. Pack light, only the essentials. Make sure to keep a few crumpled emergency bills in your pocket. Then open Countrycide and set out.

©2014 L.A. Fields (P)2014 L.A. Fields

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