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    Just call me fate's fool.

    I've given advice to half the town through my weekly advice column, but I can't seem to take any of those great gems and apply them to my own life. Namely: Just get over him, already!

    I've spent two years pining after an arrogant playboy of an alpha, watching him flirt with every unattached omega in town. All the while, my wolf has been howling at me to do something, to make this right. 

    Because, that playboy is my fated mate. 

    And at long last, he's turned his attention back to me, chatting me up, acting like we never shared the most magical night of my life. I never thought he could be so cruel.

    But now, I realize the truth - he's not trying to be an asshole.

    He just doesn't remember me. 

    And I don’t know what to do about that.

    Should I guard my heart...or give him a second chance?

    Welcome to Blackwater, Montana - a small town with a big personality, where shifters and humans coexist. Claiming My Enemy is a dual point of view, shifter mpreg audiobook with a guaranteed happy ending. The fourth in this series, this audiobook can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone.

    ©2019 Special Fiction Books (P)2020 Special Fiction Books

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