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Christmas Road

A Collection of Holiday Stories
Sprecher: Chris Koprowski
Spieldauer: 38 Min.

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This is a set of three stories, all of which are true. The first one was just a pleasant childhood memory that recalled better days and memories, but the second one "The Gift" is just as true as the first. The third one "The Clock" is about a serious heart surgery I had just about Christmas time.

After you listen to "A Christmas Miracle - Keep Your Eyes Open!", you'll better understand why I stress that this story is true, just as it was written. It asks for your faith in miracles and maybe, just maybe, your faith in a kind and loving God. 

"The Clock" narrates the story of how a planned four-hour surgery went ten hours, and thing began to look bad. The doctors couldn't stop my bleeding for several hours. Once things settled down, I was in a coma for seven days. "The Clock" talks about what was going on in my head during the coma.

Thanks for listening!

©2014 Verwayne Greenhoe (P)2019 Verwayne Greenhoe

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