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    From number-one best-selling author Blake Pierce comes a new masterpiece of psychological suspense: Cause to Fear.

    When a body turns up floating beneath the frozen Charles River, the Boston Police summons its most brilliant and controversial homicide detective - Avery Black - to close the case. It doesn't take Avery long, however, to realize that this is no isolated murder: it is the work of a serial killer.

    Other bodies begin to turn up, all of them sharing one thing in common: all are trapped in ice. Is it all a coincidence - or the signature of a particularly deranged killer?

    As the media converges and Avery suffers pressure from her bosses, she struggles to crack the inexplicable case, too bizarre even for her brilliant mind. At the same time she tries to keep her own depression at bay, as her personal life spirals to a new low. And she does it all while trying to enter the mind of a psychotic and elusive killer.

    What she will find will shock even her, and make her realizes that nothing is what it seems - and that the worst darkness may sometimes be closest to us.

    A psychological thriller with heart-pounding suspense, Cause to Fear is book four in a riveting new series - with a beloved new character - that will leave you listening late into the night.

    ©2017 Blake Pierce (P)2017 Blake Pierce

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