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Burning Skillet

Southern Fried Infrastructure (Grid Down Prepper Up, Book 2)
Autor: Ron Foster
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 27 Min.

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The latest turn of events in this grim post-apocalyptic world of desperate survivors struggling to rebuild after a devastating North Korea infrastructure attack takes new turns as skills in bartering and scavenging come to the forefront. 

The grid is down and electric bikes are the transportation of choice for the coming apocalypse, but where do you find one in this deserted beach town? The prepper couple forages for food and other supplies in the looted-out vacation spot and lucks up on a restaurant supply truck. 

A small group of people still living at the marina seems to hold the key to reforming society but closely guards its secrets and turf against strangers.  

Food procurement, barter, and trade are highly competitive now, as well as dangerous, as other survivors vie for the right to exist. It was hard living at the fish camp they had been living at for the last six months inland from the coast, and this trip to town offers new possibilities, as well as risks, as starvation drives them to seek new resources. 

This audiobook is full of survival tips and tricks the reader can put to use in any environment.  

©2017 Ron Foster (P)2018 Ron Foster


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