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    This chapter-level audiobook can change the way you listen to BigShots - mostly businesspersons with a snapshot or two of politicians - as they pontificate for public consumption and personal gain. You'll recognize the spin, that dastardly polite euphemism for lies that the advertising/PR folks coined years ago to anoint their profession with a bit of undeserved dignity. In the process you might gain a more realistic grasp of what's going on around you and how your mind is being manipulated, aka brainwashed.

    In all modesty, you're in good hands; some would say the best, which could be considered bullshit in itself: Who decides?

    I would be first in line for an honorary doctorate in bullshit if, by some stretch of academic chutzpa, it were tendered by any of the world's great universities. (Actually, I could easily make the case that degrees in business communications and political science are really degrees in bullshit, but that's another book.) I am a master at crafting bullshit, and you, dear listener, will do well to listen to me. I've written millions of words - speeches, strategic plans, articles, and all sorts of marketing lies and spins that I, too, politely call corporate gargle. I've done that for a gaggle of executives who toil for businesses large and small, manufacturers and service providers, technologists and accountants. I've been practicing this dark, draconian art,and teaching others how to follow my lead for 40 years, and, as I say jokingly, it shows in my wrinkled face and cynical attitude that I, with a straight face, call realistic, a true reflection of the world.

    You'll laugh out loud many times as you wander through this audio. My cheeky, witty, acerbic, in-your-face style is sprinkled with the irony of a true gadfly. You'll resonate - see yourself and your bosses in many of my damning examples as clearly as if you had lived them ...

    ©2015 Pete Geissler (P)2015 Pete Geissler

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