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    Discover the secret of Buddhism

    Buddhism has been for a long time and is still considered by many Westerners as some sort of idolatry or mysticism, but it’s not. With this book you will have an introduction about the fundamentals principle of this religion step by step. 

    Here is a preview of what you’ll learn: 

    • The life of the Buddha
    • An explanation of the eightfold path
    • A tour through Karma and Nirvana
    • Death and Rebirth
    • Morality
    • A way to obtain Wisdom
    • And much more...

    This book will help non-Buddhists, the skeptical, and the simply curious to have a better understanding, and remove at least some of the prejudices and false ideas about the Buddha's doctrine.

    ©2019 Joshua Matt Chan (P)2019 Joshua Matt Chan

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