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    Do you worry that your banking information could be stolen? Do you have an online based business? Do you work with a lot of people through the Internet? If your answer was yes to any of these questions, then this is the perfect book for you. Since blockchain can about, it has been slowly changing the way that eCommerce works.

    Over the past several years blockchain has started to rise in popularity with the media. Like most other new things, it hasn't been criticism-free. People have claimed that blockchain is really nothing more than a shared database that venture capitalists have hyped up. But in truth, it’s a semi-new technology that could possibly cause economic, social, and societal change.

    If you know anything of bitcoin, then chances are you have heard about blockchain. Blockchain from its inception has been associated with bitcoin, with many people believing that the two has to have each other to work, but blockchain has begun to carve out a name for itself. Some people started to realize the transparency and security potential that blockchain has, and began using the technology in different areas of digital business. Within this book you will discover:

    • Blockchain’s history
    • How blockchain can be used beyond finances
    • Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and blockchain
    • The pros and cons of blockchain
    • And much more

    If you are looking to add more security to your business and get rid of third parties involved in your transactions, then you should most definitely look into using blockchain. The chapters in this book will teach some amazing things about this revolutionary technology.

    ©2017 Roger Bray (P)2017 Roger Bray

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