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    Blake's dead. His wife killed him. The question is, which one?

    Rural Utah is a vast, empty landscape where whole communities can be forgotten. Against the wishes of his family and the laws of the Mormon church elders, Blake Nelson has adopted the old polygamous ways and lives alone with his three wives on an isolated homestead miles from anywhere. 

    That is, until his dead body is discovered.

    Rachel, Emily and Tina - Blake Nelson's former sister-wives - are the only suspects. Who else would have been able to find Blake so far from the rest of civilisation? But as the investigation into Blake's murder intensifies, so spins a web of lies, secrets and long-repressed trauma so complicated that it threatens to drag everyone involved in Mormon Utah's old ways into its dark and horrifying clutches.

    And as the sister-wives try desperately to prove that somebody else murdered their husband, will they discover that the women they've been sharing a husband with aren't the women they thought they knew at all?

    ©2020 Catherine Quinn (P)2020 Orion Publishing Group

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