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Binge Eating Cure

How to Overcome Binge Eating Permanently
Sprecher: Donna Shockley
Spieldauer: 34 Min.

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Do you tend to overeat after going through a stressful experience? Do you eat like there's no tomorrow, or until you experience pain or discomfort? Do you find it difficult to stop eating once you start? If you do, then you definitely have an eating disorder. You are an emotional eater. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can begin to get help.

Emotional eaters are like alcoholics. Without alcohol to drown their sorrows or uplift their mood, alcoholics cannot deal with strong emotions, whether good and bad. The same is true for emotional eaters, except that their object of compulsion is food instead of alcohol.

Emotional eating and binge eating go hand-in-hand. If you allow your emotions to dictate when and how much you eat, and not your actual physical hunger, then binge eating is most likely a common occurrence for you. Happy or sad, it doesn't matter. It's time to drop eating as an avenue to turn to when you're emotional.

After listening to this book, you'll know exactly what to do to cut the bad habits out of your life and replace them with good ones. Instead of turning to food, you'll be able to make healthy choices and actually be productive. You'll be able to recognize when you're being triggered by an emotion, and you'll have a system in place so you can stop the cravings even before they start.

Your journey to curing yourself from binge eating and emotional eating officially starts today. Take these words to heart and be free! Be healthy!

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