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    What does it take to be a bad girl? You might think that being a bad girl in bed means you have to act like someone you're not. You might think it means you have to do things that are so kinky that they haven't even crossed your mind yet. You might look at everything you have been doing - even the hottest things - and think that they surely don't measure up to “bad girl” sex.

    You might even think that you aren't cut out for bad girl sex, and that can do a serious number on your self-esteem. Who wants to think that the girl next door might be naughtier than we are? When you think too much about being a bad girl, you might start to think that you have to be someone else to please your man at all.

    Here's the truth, my friends. Bad girls are inside each and every one of us. Every woman has the “bad girl” switch that can be turned on anytime she wants it to be. You don't have to be a raving beauty to be a bad girl. You don't have to be the sexy, sultry woman that you see in men's magazines. You don't have to be the porn star that raves about what she wants and how she can't wait to have more of it. In fact, you don't have to be anything but you - only with a little more spice!

    Download this audiobook right now and let your "Bad Girl" side come out.

    ©2013 Snap In Media (P)2013 Snap In Media

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