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Back Again

Autor: Susan May
Sprecher: Anne Johnstonbrown
Spieldauer: 9 Std. und 13 Min.

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Between life and death lies fate and one hell of a fight

Since childhood, Dawn has "lost time." She awakens in strange places, far away from her last memory, confused by the recall of events that cannot be true. Back then, her parents dragged her to counsellors, insisted on medication and wrapped her in cotton balls. Now, all grown up and a single mom, all she wants is to be the best parent she can to her son, while the fear of enduring a sudden “lost time” episode looms over her daily life. 

On this afternoon, only 50 yards from where Dawn has just dropped her son for his weekly guitar lesson, an event is playing out involving a troubled young woman. 

Kylie is having a bad day. She’s had it with her dead-end cashier job which has bored her witless from the start. Her boss is on her back every second of every minute, the moron ex-boyfriend hasn’t stopped harassing her all week and at this single moment she hates the entire world. As she drives from the supermarket lot her phone buzzes, and as usual she picks up. “Don’t drive and text”, everyone says, but that’s never been a problem for her because she’s careful. 

Except this afternoon, when karma intervenes and Dawn’s and her life collide in the most horrific of accidents. 

When the worst tragedy a mother can face occurs, Dawn is devastated and broken, and she doesn’t know how she’ll survive. That is, until 10 days later when she discovers, somehow, she’s been given an incredible gift. Her "lost time" has taken her back again to the morning of the accident. Now saving her son is within her power but there’s a twist she hadn’t figured. She can’t change or do anything differently because she’s become merely a passenger in her own body. 

Only one thing might save her son, but for that she’ll need to discover a simple truth before time runs out. For between life and death lies fate and one hell of a fight. 

Narrated by Anne Johnston Brown, winner of the 2012 Audible Female Voice Award.   

©2014 Susan May (P)2016 Susan May

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