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    A born protector, Asher signs up for jobs even the most trained men won’t take. But finding a set of female autistic twins in mainland China - after someone has gone to a great deal of effort to make sure they are never found - isn’t easy. Finding those responsible behind the actual kidnapping is even harder.

    Mickie, hired to look after the twins for the last six months, is still recovering from the trauma of being beaten, drugged, and waking to find her adult charges gone. Beside herself already, then seeing Asher, her ex from ten years ago, is another sock to her gut. And to her heart.

    She’s not the same person she was back then. Being with him again shows her just how much she’d screwed up her relationship with him. 

    Yet, betrayal, deceit, and bodies litter their pathway as they struggle to save the missing women before the kidnapper’s assassins get close enough to take them out instead.

    ©2019 Beverly Dale Mayer (P)2020 Beverly Dale Mayer

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