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    "AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there'll be great companies." (Sam Altman)

    For the curious mind, there is perhaps no more intriguing a subject than artificial intelligence in the early 21st century.

    There are so many big questions to ponder:

    • Will AI bring about the end for humanity?
    • Will it usher in a new age of unparalleled human prosperity for generations to come?
    • Will AI ever become conscious, and if so, how will we even be able to tell?

    There are also the questions of the need for humans in a future where AI dominates all areas of business, life, and society.

    • Will AI replace jobs in the future?
    • Will you be able to find a job 10 years from now?
    • Will humans even need to work?

    In Artificial Intelligence: Understanding the Science, Impact, and Future Of AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and the Singularity, author Thien-Nam Dinh draws on his years of experience to tackle the big questions in AI and present them in a way that even a human can understand.

    This audiobook will address these questions and the below topics:

    • What is AI?
    • Sectors of AI
    • Robotics
    • NLP - natural language processing
    • Machine learning and deep learning
    • Symbolic AI
    • AI in daily life
    • Applications of AI for business
    • Future trends of AI
    • Politics and economics of AI
    • The dangers and dark side of AI
    • Strong AI and the singularity
    • And more!

    In the future, there will be no area left untouched by AI. Every time you use your phone, search the internet, or watch TV you are already interacting with AI.

    We are still at the very early stages of one of the most important technological revolutions for humankind. Will this revolution usher in a utopia for humanity where AI and robots perform for the work while humans spend their days pursuing leisure activities? Or will the creation of intelligent machines bring about the end of humanity as we know it?

    ©2019 Wise Fox Publishing (P)2019 Wise Fox Publishing

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