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Animal Experience

A Journey You Can Take with Different Types of Animals to Enhance Your Life and Work
Sprecher: Kay Edwards
Spieldauer: 13 Min.

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The Animal Experience was inspired by the "Animal Cards" that were originally created for the Animal Insights book, which features a unique way to get insights about yourself and what you can gain from the qualities of that animal. The two types of animals used for the experience are mammals and birds.

In the experience, you go on a journey in which you think about your associations with that animal and how to apply them to yourself. Also, you can look on that animal as a guide to take you on a journey, usually to the underworld, though you can travel anywhere. There you ask that animal a question, and the animal gives you answers or leads you to a source of knowledge with answers for you. You can take this journey by yourself or do this in a group, where one person leads the journey for others and facilitates a discussion after the experience. Then, someone else can lead a journey with another animal. Ideally, a group will be about three to 15 participants, although the experience can be done with a larger group.

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